Life and its way of being

Once again a lesson on cause and effect.

When I first learnt about the hype of this coloring book for adults, I thought I wanted to create something similar. So often when we see one successful example, and then we will see a lot of wannabes behind it, isn’t it? What I wanted to do was to create coloring mandala printables to start with, and transfer it into another way of practicing meditation, so that people who think meditation is hard would have a chance to meditate through coloring, in my own experience, it can be a tool for people to come back to oneselves, for self discovery, for awakening. Having read the story of Johanna Basford, the creator of this best seller coloring book, I realised she could do it largely if not entirely, due to the things she has going on in her life, her grandparent’s garden she grown up with, her talent, her reputation from her work with Absolute Vodka and Nike, and that there had been people telling her they wish to color her illustrations, we might think she came out with the brilliant idea by herself, but without all of these conditions, the book would not be born.

Life has its way of being, we suffer from wanting to go against it, its important follow the flow. This doesn’t mean I am going to give up the idea of making contemplative coloring book or something along that line, but its a reminder to co-create with life, instead of following the fear based egoic desire. A tree is often being used as a good example of trusting the life to provide to its myriads types of needs right from it being a tiny seed, to it being a gigantic tree, to it having to dry up and return to Mother Earth, no worries, accepting. 

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