Dhammagiri Calendar 2016

Project Details

Dhammagiri Foundation
Print production, graphic design

Project Description

Founded on 24 May 2010, Dhammagiri Foundation provides relief to children born into disadvantaged families.

While on tudong in Mae Hong Son in northwestern Thailand, Ajahn Cagino chanced upon the hill tribes. Through interaction with villagers while on alms round, Ajahn Cagino understood the hardship of orphans in the region and the array of social problems, such as drug abuse and gangster activities. Further, poor transportation facilities and lack of access to proper education left the villagers resigned to their lot in life. With a group of monks and laypeople, Ajahn Cagino founded the Dhammagiri Foundation.

With gratitude and widespread support, the seeds of Dhamma were sown in Mae Hong Son. A Buddhist childrenís home cum Dhamma center was established, providing a warm haven for the children and deepening the roots of Dhamma in the region.

For years, one of the means to raise fund is through the selling of table calendar with the breathtaking pictures taken by Ajahn Cagino. Terra Creative was being entrusted the task for designing its 2016 calendar. It was a dream project to be able to work with award winning photography, and with the teachings from respected Ajahn Chah as the copy, and most of all, to be part of something meaningful.

Very quickly once the calendar was out from the press, it was selling very well with very little publicity. This was extremely encouraging because the sales from previous years was rather disappointing. Sadhu to all the efforts and good conditions.

We are already in conversation about the design of 2017 calendar. Rejoice.

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