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Dhammagiri Calendar 2016
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TerraCreative is a husband and wife initiative by Joan and Beng Chee, both have been in the art and graphic scene for more than 20 years in metropolitan Singapore, recently retreated themselves to a little town called Pontian in Johor, to slow down, to be closer to the nature and to be with their family, but still very much sought after by trusting clients from both Singapore and Malaysia.

Their experience spanning fine art, photography, print and publication, interactive and web design, but truly, searching within through spiritual learning is their only full time job! Aspire to using their skills to develop nourishing and useful information, much of their focus now is in the holistic, charitable and educational sectors.

Slowly and surely, TerraCreative will be a space for like-minded people to come together to play and grow. Below are just some fun projects – for sneak preview!

coffee stain

Painting and doodling transport us to another world, and we wish to share this with you too.

Lotus 2015 (1)
Lotus 2014 (2)
The Buddha of Ayuthaya
Lotus 2015 (1)
Self Compassion
Finity in Infinity
Initial Pebbles
Circle of Life
Charcoal sketch
Watercolor on paper
Watercolor on pebble

Creative projects from abandoned materials. More to come!

Initial Pebbles
CD Clocks
Watercolor on pebble

Challenging ourselves to self-sustainable lifestyle.

Miss Okra

pinkpebbleSoon we hope to open up our studio to learn and share.
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upcycle手作? 时尚循环? Apa Ini?
前几天接到“帶爸妈7过年”导播的讯息说有拍摄到我们的那一集改在年初二播。非常感谢导播的细心。 这一次会答应让这节目组来拍摄,一个很大的因素是这位导播的诚意,因为基本上我们的工作室还没真正完成及开放。她联系了几次才联系上我们。她说“现在的年轻人都什么都用买的,想说提倡一点手作气息”,是她这句话打动我们。 其实不只年轻人,现在大多数人都是如此。手作或DIY对多数人来说都是很麻烦和浪费时间的。提倡upcycle手作是我们其中一个理念。 什么是upcycle? 我翻译成时尚循环。简单的说,就是把一些被人丢弃的东西变成一些可以用或摆设的物品,赋予它们新的生命。 我们应该还需要两,三个月的时间来完成工作室的一些最后的装饰。到时候希望大家可以一起过来玩。如果想我们快点完成的话就过来帮手吧。哈哈。...
Life and its way of being
Once again a lesson on cause and effect. When I first learnt about the hype of this coloring book for adults, I thought I wanted...
DIY Table 要桌子自己来
滑鼠我们是很熟悉,电钻嘛,己经二、三十年没动了。有点怕怕!这桌子终究还是完全了,虽然不怎么稳定,但能把它做成己有满满的满足感。 We are most familiar with the mouse, a bit scared of the drill! But can’t resist this Pinterest hot idea. Although its unstable, but...
Before & After 无心插柳柳成荫
从大城市搬到这个小镇,许多朋友都问为什么 – 尤其是在当今我国不稳定的政治气氛下。主要的原因是因为我们的家人需要我们回来。我们选择了让生活引导我们,就像老子说的 -无为而为! 这工作室以它自己所要的方式诞生了。能有这空间,要非常感谢老爸。 Moving back from a big city to this small little town, many asked why – especially given the political climate,...
this is it by Thich Nhat Hahn


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